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        Hot News
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        About Us
           Shenzhen Zhengde furniture factory in Pingshan, Shenzhen, brand Insuch. Founded in 2005, is a set design, production and sales in one of modern furniture enterprises, mainly producing fabric sofa, leather sofas, lounge chairs.   Since its inception, adhering to the design concept of the Nordic modernism, to the high-end market positioning-oriented, user-friendly design, the latest ergonomics and home aesthetics, launched a series of high-quality, user-friendly sofa heritage fashion, simple, comfortable, natural Nordic culture at home.   In the design, the British the Sha Chi leisure sofa "simple and natural, people-oriented" art style, hugs the lines sketched romantic, simple and give birth to thousands of style. The use of clean lines, harmonious colors, a variety of combinations, and perfect craft tech.. >>
        Yingsha Chi Series
        Yingsha Chi Series
        Yingsha Chi Series
        Yingsha Chi Series
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